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Image 3 Eğer bu sevgililer gününde romantik bir gece geçirmek ve sevgilinizle birlikte beyaz bir sayfa açmak istiyorsanız mutlaka Saklıkent’e gelin. Zengin bir ziyafet menüsü,  ateş başında sıcak şarap servisi ve havai fişek gösterileri ile romantik bir gece sizi bekliyor.


The father & son camp we realized this summer made a lot of families so happy. Fathers got the chance to turn to their early ages, have fun during the races, but most of all strengthen friendship with their kids. We plan to repeat this exciting camp again during winter time. Our sales team is working on the dates and itineraries to let you know soon.
We finally saw the first snow in Saklikent. Meteorologists predict a hard winter this year due to the global warming affects. This means an earlier and longer season for us. Even if it is a very nice new for skiers and snowboarders, we are very sad to hear about such results of global warming and protest the companies that create such a shame.
Due to the insistence of our instructors and guests, we are working hard to build a snowpark within our ski resort. Although, joining various meetings with potential sponsor companies we unfortunately still could not shake hands to start our construction. It seems the global finance crisis is affecting our projects as well. This is an open invitation to the companies to support our snowpark.
Ski, snowboard and observation camps we organized for universities and colleges around Saklikent will be spread out to all Turkish and foreign schools. During weekly camps, students will have the chance to follow lessons from our instructors, share unusual activities, get valuable experiences, have fun and built up new friendships.


 Doyran Köyü Saklıkent Mevkii Antalya

İşletme Müdürü - Bayram Dincer

Rezervasyon ve bilgi için - 0533 250 84  85 

E-posta: saklikentskiresort@hotmail.com

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